FP7 (The Seventh Framework Programme) is the main EU instrument for the financing of scientific R&D programmes. The Programme supports the cooperation among the universities, research centres and industries (small and middle enterprises included) and provides financial support for their joint projects.

FP7 is designed to enhance effectiveness of the previous programmes aiming to establish the European Research Area (ERA) and knowledge based Europe economy development.

EC is investing money in renewable energy sources in order to increase the overall efficiency of technology, improve their cost benefit effects and finally gradually reduce incentives on renewables.


Project acronym: GRABGAS

Full project title: Green Roofs that clean SME industrial gas containing low and variable concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds

Project number: FP7-SME-2013-601616

Project Start Date: 1 May 2014

Project coordinator: Le Prieuré Vegetal i.D.

GRABGAS projet coordinator : Ms Stéphanie SAULGEOT