le prieure
is a French horticultural SME (26 employees) specialized in green roofs and green walls: LE PRIEURE owns nursery plants, and technologies for water drainage, substrate and elements for slopped roofs. LE PRIEURE won the 2005 BATIMAT gold medal for the patented green roof tray : HYDROPACK®. It is an all-in-one green roof solution (components: drainage, filter, substrate and vegetation) ready for immediate cover of the roof. With GRABGAS project, it will expand the potential of green roofs, from aesthetics and protection of buildings, to the control of VOC emissions from SME industries by using a totally new solution for air cleaning.

Website : Le Prieuré

AGRIFUTUR (IT)is an Italian SME (10 employees) working in the field of applied microbiology for agriculture, with a high level of experience. Agrifutur has developed several products based on beneficial bacteria like Bradyrhizobium japonicum and biological control agents (Trichoderma harzianum, Metarhizium anisopliae). Agrifutur has all the facilities for both molecular biology and biochemical tests, and for the development and manufacturing of microbial-based products. Agrifutur is involved in microorganisms supply because of its proved ability in producing and formulating commercial microorganisms, this makes the consistency between business activities and role in the project very high.

Website : Agrifutur

UGN (DE) is a German SME (13 employees). Its technology (biofilters) removes smell in the air, impurities in the biogas and pollutants in the air (sulphur, cyanide, volatile organic acids, ammonia, amines, alcohols, formaldehyde, solvents, organic hydrocarbons, mercaptans) from evaporation or gas emissions from chemical ingredients. UGN can perform on-site analysis to identify the pollutants and odours. In GRABGAS UGN uses its expertise in industrial air biofiltration, and the project completes its knowledge with technologies for phytoremediation, rhizoremediation and VOC pre-treatment.

Website : UGN

ACCIONA´s R&D Technological Centre of Madrid (Spain) is composed by 160 high qualified researcher. In particular, the Research group of Biotechnology and Environment collaborates in GRABGAS. Her group has experience in the study of soils and the interaction of the soluble fraction with external compounds, a field where ACCIONA contributes to GRABGAS with the development of optimal substrate mixtures. ACCIONA’s team counts with a special equipment that pumps a continuous flow of different gas mixtures into a soil column (filled with different substrate mixtures) and measures the gas coming out in order to evaluate the performance of the filtration. ACCIONA is currently leading several projects related with GRABGAS: CLEAM (Clean, Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Construction), BIOLINE (biotechnology tools in civil works), SLOPE (microorganisms to prevent erosion phenomena on slopes and hillsides), and ENZYTEC (formulation of enzyme-based product for soil stabilization).

Website : Acconia


WELIENCE (France) is part of SATT GRAND EST and collaborates in GRABGAS through their research Area of Agro-Environment. The group is focused on the biodegradation of organic pesticides by soil and its impact on the rhizosphere. WELIENCE coordinates ECOFUN-MICROBIODIV (SEE-ERA-NET 216) a project aimed at developing and evaluating innovative tools to estimate the ecotoxicological impact of low dose pesticides used in agriculture on soil functional microbial biodiversity. His team collaborates in GRABGAS because they have deep experience in the analysis, identification and characterization of soil microflora diversity (bacteria, fungi, yeast, algae, and mycorrhizae) by microbial ecology and molecular techniques. Of special interest for GRABGAS is their capacity of measuring enzymatic activities in soil (respirometry -CO2- and VOC-degrading enzymatic activities) by radiorespirometry (14C isotope tracing), molecular techniques (PCR) and analytical chemistry (HPLC and GC).

Website : Welience

The RTD INSP (Spain) has been included in GRABGAS because their three research lines (materials, electronics and CFD simulation) make them one of the few research centres in Europe that can simultaneously work on these three aspects in GRABGAS. The Materials group has the expertise with doped TiO2 (FP7 projects HAIFREE and CARBGROWTH) required by GRABGAS to develop solar photocatalysts for VOCs. INSPIRALIA’s automation and control team has expertise for software/hardware development in industrial processes (Light4CleanWater, En-X-Olive, EfficientHeat, PROMETHEUS). Finally INSPIRALIA’s simulation team has the key tools to optimise prototypes, as experts in using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and CFD (Computer Fluid Dynamics) to simulate, analyse and understand the multi-physical behaviour of systems for a successful design.

Website : Inspiralia

colorisprod logoweb
COLORIS PRODUCTION (FR) is a French SME (20 employees) specialized in colorants manufacture. COLORIS offers its customers a full range of colorants and pigment dispersions in aqueous and solvent phase. They have developed a unique and high quality unique universal technology compatible with water and solvent phases. COLORIS PRODUCTION produces different products for the coloring factory, its markets are decorative paints, industrial paints and plastics. Its new plant opened in 2012 in Pamiers (FR), equipped with latest equipment, offers a nominal production capacity of more than 2.5 million liters. This production site is the one that has been chosen to host GRABGAS prototype.